A chorus of coaches.

“After going through so many coaching courses both home and abroad I can happily say that the TOVO course was by far the most educational.”
– M. Flannery

“This was far and away better than any licensing course I’ve experienced in the States. It’s refreshing to see an approach backed by research that’s focused on the enjoyment of the player.”
– B. Bell

“Todd Beane at TOVO took a Ferrari that needed tuning and exceeded my expectations! I have been around a lot of teachers and coaches in my lifetime but Beane is not only on another level but has mastered the reason WHY an environment and their coaches should implement particular methods, concepts, ideas, and exercises and then proves it through scientific research.”
– S. Agnew

“The TOVO Coaching Course was, in the best meaning of the term, the Perfect Storm. Hands-down the best coaching education course I have ever attended. TOVO delivered a player development model, pedagogical foundation and training methods that have transformed my approach to training players. Todd’s laser dissection and re-formulation of the training environment allows players to exponentially amplify their decision-making proficiency in attack. If you believe that the single most important skill a player must possess is decision-making (cognition) then grab a ticket and get on-board the TOVO train.”
– T. Hall

“For me, this was the best course I have taken by far and I have been on quite a few in England! I left wanting more and that is how it should be. The content was perfect and the interaction was just right.”
– A. Graham