Program Hosting

Program Hosting

Delivering our programs worldwide.

Rethink and Redesign Talent Development

The TOVO Training method looks at football through the lens of learning. It provides a framework for achievement. When implemented it appears simple and logical compared to the chaos and clutter of traditional training methodologies. TOVO Training offers a research-based formula for developing intelligent footballers.

An Innovative Program

Football is a game of complexity in motion. If we are to nurture our player’s capacity to play this game well we should design our trainings to develop cognition, competence and character. This 2-day course will examine the limitations of traditional training and introduce a new paradigm for talent development.

Hosting Options

  • Host a private 2-day Coaching Course for your Club. This course will be presented in three learning environments: the classroom, the field and online. In person, each participant will participate in the classroom workshops and the on field sessions. Then, to promote a more profound and lasting learning, we offer content online as a follow up.
  • Host a 2-day Coaching Course open to the public. Bring TOVO to your community and foster learning throughout the football landscape where you live.

Bring it Home

If you are interested in hosting a TOVO program please reach out to us to explore these options with us.

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