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The TOVO V1 Course is designed to introduce you to our TOVO Training methodology. In doing so we will explore what we believe to be the best methodology to develop players of great cognition, competence, and character.


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TOVO V1: Methodology

This course will introduce you to the highly acclaimed TOVO Training Methodology. Following a process we developed for some of the world’s most prominent clubs, you will gain insight into developing athletes of great vision and precision.

Collaborative Classroom

Enjoy this 30-day online course. The lessons can be completed on your own schedule. Additionally, we offer two live webcasts so that you may ask questions and maximize your learning. 

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Your Instructor

Todd Beane is Founder of TOVO.

Beane worked with Johan Cruyff for 14 years delivering total training programs to world class athletes. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Stanford University, Beane has travelled the globe educating athletes, coaches, and sport leaders.

His book, “Clear Coaching”, details the critical elements of effective leadership. He has dedicated his professional life to maximizing talent through dynamic, innovative and practical programs.

Todd Beane currently resides in Sitges, Spain with his wife Chantal Cruyff and their six children.


11 Online Lessons

Learn the TOVO methodology.

4 Webcasts

Access practical expertise.

TOVO Network

Share ideas & stay in touch.

Coach's Kit

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      • No 1


        In Lesson 1 we detail how to proceed, and explain a bit about why this training program works well in developing total footballers.

      • No 2

        Evoke The Experts

        In this section, we honor Johan Cruyff and his contributions to the game. We do so to give credit where credit is due and to share with you some morsels of wisdom that can be so beneficial to us as coaches and leaders of young people.

      • No 3

        Embrace Innovation

        Explore the concept of innovation and how rethinking talent development may open up greater possibilities for us as coaches and ultimately greater opportunities for our athletes.

      • No 4

        Establish A Purpose

        In this section, you will complete a very practical exercise that will serve as a foundation for all activities you conduct with your athletes. You will establish a clear purpose.

      • No 5

        Envision The Ideal

        Our Footballers-First mantra allows us to construct a model detailing the relationship between the footballer, the training, and the coach.

      • No 6

        Examine Assumptions

        Examine assumptions about talent development. In doing so we will dispel a couple of myths before moving on.

      • No 7

        Emphasize Learning

        Explore a few learning concepts to consider today as you put together your trainings.

      • No 8

        Engineer a Formula

        Discover the training formula derived from our highest priorities

      • No 9

        Embed Your Principles

        We find it fruitful to work on concepts instead of technically centric training themes. Our players pass, receive, dribble, shoot, and head the ball when the moment calls for such execution. But they do so with a thought associated with that skill, not in isolation.

      • No 10

        Execute The Program

        Now is the moment where we dig into the HOW. The practical way we can architect an intelligent training program for our footballers.

      • No 11


        Review the TOVO Triangle of talent activation. Remind ourselves that footballers come first and that our training is merely an intervention we assume adds value. Let’s ensure that our training does add value to their total development.

TOVO V1 Online Course