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As you define your coaching, you will want to expand your vision and explore proven training methodologies. With out platform you can do just that. We are dedicated to providing complimentary and alternative coaching education courses. You will need your federation’s licenses, but you will want much more and TOVO Institute will provide you so much more.

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TOVO C1 Course: Talent Development

Rethink & Redesign Training
Every coach seeks intelligent players. But how do we develop them? Traditional training has fallen short. Emphasis on the physical maturity of our players has missed the mark and intelligence has been banished to the sidelines. It may be time to rethink and redesign talent development.

If we are to nurture our player’s capacity to play this game well we should design our trainings to develop cognition, competence and character. This course will examine the limitations of traditional training and introduce a new paradigm for talent development.

Blended Learning
This course will be presented in three learning environments: the classroom, the field and online. In person, each participant will participate in the classroom workshops and the on field sessions. Then, to promote a more profound and lasting learning, we offer content online as a follow up.


Classroom Workshops
We engage coaches in interactive workshops to detail the fundamental concepts of dynamic training. In these workshops we will determine the unique characteristics of competitive athletes and map out an effective strategy to develop total footballers.

  • Defining the Modern Footballer
  • Pedagogy & Principles


Field Sessions
Instruction on the field focuses upon implementing a coherent and engaging training session. We will demonstrate specifically how the TOVO Training architecture more effectively develops players of vision, precision, and pace.

  • Traditional vs. TOVO Training
  • The Architecture of Intelligent Training


Online Modules
Coaches will actively engage in the program knowing that material will be presented online. The online portion of the program reinforces the workshops and field sessions and delves into the first 5 E’s of Extraordinary Training.

  • Establish A Purpose
  • Envision the Ideal
  • Examine Assumptions
  • Emphasize Learning
  • Execute Principles

Action Learning Model

A Proactive Process
Learning is achieved through ambition, dedication, and resilience. With this in mind, our learning model presents dynamic challenges to be explored with commitment. Our players learn proactively and reflect respectfully. We understand that learning is a process riddled with error and peppered with perseverance. We are educators first and our task is to nurture people of great cognition, competence and character.

  • Student Centered
  • Task Oriented
  • Pedagogically Sound
  • Proactive & Participatory
  • Individualized Development
  • Collective Collaboration

Experienced Educators

A Specialized Faculty
Experienced educators and professional coaches develop our programs. We blend the latest research with a practical approach to program implementation. Our faculty has led top-level projects at some of the world’s most respected academic institutions and best football academies within Europe and beyond.

A Global Family

An Accomplished Alumni Network
Football is the world’s beautiful game. What started as a concept has grown into a movement. Rethinking and redesigning talent development will have profound effects on student-athletes worldwide. From a concept presented by TOVO’s founder Todd Beane in December of 2016 to thousands of players and coaches around the globe who benefit from the TOVO Methodology, this movement has taken root. We now have served clubs and coaches from every corner of this marvelous globe.

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