TOVO V1 Course: TOVO Methodology – September 2019

Welcome to the TOVO V1 Online Coaching Course.


The objective of this course is to introduce you to our TOVO Training methodology. In doing so we will explore what we believe to be the best methodology to develop players of great cognition, competence, and character.


You will follow a thought-provoking process that will invite you to question your assumptions. You will follow a process that will invite you to rethink and redesign talent development. You will follow a process that will help you develop your own curriculum as well as understand how we created our TOVO curriculum.


At the end of this course, you will understand how TOVO develops total footballers and be provided the knowledge and resources to execute a dynamic program. We have had remarkable success worldwide in developing players of vision, precision, and pace. You will also have clarity as to how you can piece together your own coherent training program to maximize the talent before you.


If you patiently and thoroughly work your way through this course, you will see great benefits. Most importantly, your players will benefit from your commitment to lifelong learning. We appreciate you honing your craft with us.


Welcome to the TOVO Family.