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Emerson & Iron Strings

Emerson & Iron Strings   For years, I swallowed what conventional training had to offer. As an athlete, I would execute each drill energetically. As a coach, I collected certificate upon certificate. Drills and diplomas. I obeyed authority. I complied with the common.   I did so as a student as well. I drilled my […]...

A Better Normal

A Better Normal  Jordan logged in as I logged out. Up next for my son, a unit exam on writing. Up next for dad, a sofa. My son comes to understand that stories of conflict and climax come to a resolution. As he musters his morning energy to multiple choose his way to literacy, I […]...

A Sweet Smile of Approval

A Sweet Smile of Approval As for most kids, change seemed to be a constant. My change was moving about the country every four years or so. New states, new towns, new schools. Don’t get me wrong, we moved from suburbia to suburbia and were blessed each time with a clean slate on clean streets […]...

A Poem with a Passport

A Poem with a Passport “What is the difference between youth football in the United States and Spain?” This question I have tried to answer on many occasions in many conversations as an ex-pat living outside Barcelona. To be honest, my answer has always been woefully inadequate.  Recently, a coaching colleague visited our humble Catalan village […]...